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Orlando Brooks associates with dedicated industry experts who are highly-competent, experienced and commited to the success of your project.

Managing Partner with Our Freedom LLC


Licensed, Insured, and EPA Lead Certified Developer-General Contractor, Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM). Impressive track record of providing extraordinary results by always considering the big picture and expect goal. Understand that each must know that his/her job is crucial to the team's success. Adept at managing multi-family and mixed-use residential/commercial communities. Effective skills include devising budgets, negotiating leases, and coordinating property and project inspections. Able to optimize customer relations through exceptional relationship-building, listening, problem solving, communication skills, and follow-up. Continually analyze business operations to determine and enhance fiscal performance, competitive positioning, profitability, and revenue opportunities. Well-versed and trained in Fair Housing. Active within my home community with special interests in the performing arts and neighborhood commercial district revitalization.


Selected Achievements


Advanced from initial role managing a multifamily property to managing four multifamily communities after successfully improving occupancy and team productivity within 2.5 months.
Led seamless migration of 700 residential units from paper-based system to standardized electronic leasing forms, and led roll-out of cloud-based MRI property management system for the same.
Championed investor-builder catalyst venture for development along Florida Ave NW corridor - N. Capitol St at Eckington to 5th St, NW at LeDroit Park/Shaw neighborhoods.
Established, managed and nurtured excellent relationships with listing real estate brokers resulting in sale of 20 condo properties at 227% profit.
Leveraged organizational skills while managing logistics and budget as Co-Executive Producer and organizer of “Gospel Fest Africa 2004” in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. 
Decided new services and products that fueled revenue growth by 30% per year at The Solomon Project within first three years.
Transformed negative cash flow of Engineering department into profit center within 60 days for Socrates Technologies Inc.


Joint_Venture (JV) with CAT Consulting Service, LLC

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Established in the District of Columbia in 2004 to provide management services for the planning, design and construction of public and private buildings.  Our team has managed over $30 million of construction projects providing a full range of services to a variety of clients.
CAT Consulting Service has provided Energy Audits, Project Programming, Design, Construction  and Construction Management services tailored to our client’s project mission and program requirements.
Our experienced staff anticipates project challenges and provides creative, cost effective solutions.  Our project managers are meticulous in the review and documentation of project conditions.
We have assisted developers in the completion of over 35 projects, 5 of which have been LEED accredited and 1 of those being Net Zero.


Why We Are Outstanding


High Performance Home Builder
Design, Construction & Construction Management
winner of USGBC, Capitol Area "2014 Project of the Year - Home"

Experienced LEED Homes Contractor (5 LEED Platinum Projects)

Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB)

DC General Contractor

MD General Contractor

DC Real Estate License

DC Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), LSR19716022019, 10 Preference Points
Certified EPA Certified Renovator

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Professional (Realtor)


Subcontracted P & Associates


Led by a Registered Professional Engineer (PE), licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia with over fifty (50) years of experience in all facets of Engineering and Design.

An Engineering/Architectural firm, whose services range from inception of the 'Project' to the 'Inspections' phase and finalization to the 'Turnkey' end of the Project. We also have long term experience in the Design and Build aspects of Projects. We also manage the construction of the Projects. We are experienced and efficient in the Construction Cost Estimation.


Our Difference


Over thirty (30) years of experience. A One-Stop firm. Leading in the Construction & Design Build Industry with progressive cutting edge technology. Renowned experience in the Architectural / Engineering Professions. We have the cabability to perform Zoning Analysis to give clients the best options for their projects. Help ensure compatibility of client desire with the Code requirements and  regulations of permitting entities.

We walk clients through design processes, turning their ideas into successful designs that more than meet their goals.
We expedite the process of aquiring building permits via our Master Permit Expediter.


Subcontracted Combined Contractors LLC


General Contractor firm, whose services range from kitchen-bath and additions to whole premises renovations. We have long term experience in the Design and Build aspects of projects. We also excel in Construction Project Management.Consulting-Planning-Design-Build-Project   Management-Construction-Development Support


How We Work


Our detailed focus assures that our customers attain every aspect of their required project goals.

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